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Your Health Highway, will help keep you and the people important to you - like family, employees, or people under your care - safe and well taken care of in any Health Situation anywhere in the world...

Do you have a personal health profile that includes records of your health care throughout your life?

Are you prepared should you have an unexpected health crisis while travelling or away from home?

Does your partner, child or next of kin have at their fingertips essential health information should you be unconscious or incapacitated and unable to provide the information?

Would you or your loved ones be able to provide the Doctor with your health history should you be unconscious or incapacitated?

Do you have a complete history of your complex health condition or chronic illness that makes dealing with new Health Care Providers easy and quick?

Do you know the health history of your elderly parents, if they should suddenly take ill and need you to take control for them?

Does your partner, grandparents, guardian or carer know your children’s health history if there was an accident while they were in their care and you were unavailable?

Do you know if your fly in fly out workers, have appropriate health history records easily available, should something happen while at work?

Do your executive workers that frequently travel have access to their health history should a situation or health emergency arise while away on business?

Would the people in your care be able to convey their health history in the event of an emergency in your absence?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions above then in the event of health situation or emergency you’re putting yourself or possibly the people you care about in a very risky situation where they could come to harm.

And Your Health Highway is the only currently available secure, medically-managed, personally-controlled electronic storage system for Health Care Information that can be accessed internationally that is available to you. This affordable, easy-to-use system will put your mind at ease and ensure you are prepared whenever unexpected health issues and emergencies, that could be life threatening, occur.

This system has been built with you and your circumstances in mind. It is particularly necessary for...

What price do you put on your health?

Your Health Highway is a simple affordable solution that will keep you and the people you care about, as safe as possible and may even save precious lives, click here to subscribe now.

For more information please contact Your Health Highway here.


Don’t gamble on you and your family’s life and health. Make sure you’re prepared for any medical or health care emergency, whether you’re at home or away from home.

Your Health Highway is the quick and easy solution to put your mind at rest and know that in the event of needing healthcare or in a health emergency your family are secure, safe and looked after with the best possible health information available for your care and treatment.

For your family and the people you care about, Your Health Highway WILL...

  • Provide a centralised secure, personally controlled detailed storage of your and your family’s health history - for all health care professionals you visit.
  • Save you time and stress because it provides a convenient and easy way to deal with new health care providers. They’ll have all the key facts and you won’t need to worry about missing out any important details when recounting your health history.
  • Take the pressure off your children and family in the event you’re incapacitated, unconscious and unable to explain your own or their history.
  • Have an easy to use, done for you service that supports you in keeping more accurate and complete health care details.
  • Give you a way of keeping track of elderly parents - and people you care for - health records without needing to be in on every appointment to make sure you’ve got the full story.
  • Save you time with shorter appointments, lower stress levels and frustration and even reduce the amount of work you need to do to maintain and keep track of things.

Yes...Your Health Highway allows you to rest easy knowing you’ve done the right thing for your family...sign up here now.

And if you’re still not’s how a busy mother with a career, saves valuable time that takes the pressure off everyday life and gives the peace of mind that her elderly parents will manage Doctor appointments and the like, even if she isn’t available...

June, a 45 year old mother, balances a busy career with managing her home and caring for three school aged children. She also supports her elderly parents.

Keeping track of her own, her children’s, and her parents’ health records is difficult, time consuming and stressful.

Her parents are often unsure of what to take to medical appointments and unclear on the details or outcomes from consultations and treatments.

Being very time poor, June needed a simple, quick solution that wouldn’t take loads of her time to put in place.

With Your Health Highway, June is now able take this stress out of her life. She can now access her families’ records with their consent and is now much more informed about all their records. And it doesn’t matter if June isn’t able to attend her parents’ appointments, because they’re all readily available online anywhere and at any time.

June now is also relieved to know that if her partner or relative needs to fill in and take her children to appointments, that the Health Care Provider will have all the facts.

Your Health Highway has greatly assisted June in keeping track of her own and her family’s health management with less worry.

Help you and your family stay safer, subscribe here now.

Fly In, Fly Out Workers and Business Travellers

Yes, by taking action now you can be assured that you and your loved ones will be safe and well looked after, anywhere - whether you’re with them or not!

This secure, take anywhere, detailed record of your and your families important health and health care information, is easily accessible over the internet or by telephone in an emergency, anytime.

Your Health Highway WILL help you...

  • Be able to take off without worrying about your family, and you can solely focus on the job you need to do.
  • Give you peace of mind that you and the people you care about will be taken care of when you’re away.
  • Prevent frustration and enable smoother and more comprehensive treatment in the event of managing a chronic illness or complex health issue - as you can authorise both your GP and relevant on site Health Care Provider, to have access to your information.
  • Support you in easily keeping track of other people’s health conditions and treatment that you have some responsibility for, like elderly parents, family members etc - even when working unusual shifts. You will even find it easier to pick up where you left off when you arrive home.
  • Make stressful emergency situations easier for your family and the people you care about when you are out of contact and unavailable to support them.

Yes, by taking action now you can rest easy that you and your loved ones will be safe and well looked after, while you’re away, sign up here now.

Here’s an example of how a fly in fly out worker, like you, can benefit from using Your Health Highway...

John, a Mining Engineer, is 50 years of age and works in the Kimberley, “four weeks on, one week off”.

He has Type Two Diabetes and he struggles to keep his weight down. He also has the added worry with his daughter who has a medical condition requiring constant management. And the regular stress of keeping up to date on her treatments and condition is difficult.

With Your Health Highway, John is now able to keep track of his own Personal Health Record, even if he is away for long periods of time. He has authorised his GP, as well as the Company Site Nurse, access to his personal records. And as a result managing his health has become less worrisome, more seamless and easier.

He also now has access to his daughter’s record at anytime, which has given him peace of mind, knowing he can be better informed, faster about her health - even if he’s working unusual shifts.

Your Health Highway keeps John and his family safer in the health system and gives all of them greater confidence and security.

Take the stress and worry around managing your health records in multiple locations and across different Health Care Providers away, register here now.

Corporate Companies and Businesses

Protect your company’s valuable resources and keep them safer when travelling.

Your Health Highway will help you minimise the impact and get your valuable staff back on the job faster, in the event your fly in, fly out workers or employees travelling on business, are injured, fall ill or have a health issue or emergency.

Your Health Highway WILL help you...

  • Have employees health records available so you can provide the best care possible for your staff when they travel on business or work away from home in a fly in, fly out arrangement. You will be a leader in your industry.
  • Mitigate and manage common risks associated with a travelling workforce.
  • Simplify systems and provide a valuable service that reduces the additional worries travelling creates on your staff and their families.
  • Reduce pressure and stress on travelling employees and their families.
  • Keep your staff safe and in the event of an emergency help them get the best possible care and treatment.
  • Minimise the impact of illness and injury on staff while managing costs and overheads.
  • Simplify the process for your staff, should they relocate or move interstate or overseas - ensuring their health records will be accessible and complete, making the transition to new Health Care Providers seamless.
  • Reduce absence and time off, that arises from family illness, as your staff can organise relevant Health Care Providers access to their families records (so they don’t have to be there).

Safer, faster health management and treatment...less downtime and flow on business and project impacts, when your staff become ill or have health issues or emergencies while not at home. Sign up, now.


Yes, this one simple step can save your life, and enable you to get the right treatment, even if you were unconscious or incapacitated while travelling, even overseas. You and your family can rest assured that you will be safer too.

Your Health Highway WILL...

  • Support you in minimising lengthy delays and impacts to your travel schedule, as a result of health incidents.
  • Avoid increased risks in emergency situations and make your diagnosis and treatment easier.
  • Give you access to your detailed, up to date, current record with all your health and health care information available, anywhere in the world.
  • Allow Health Care Providers quick and easy access to your health history via the internet or telephone in an emergency.
  • Be made available in a health emergency - even if you’re incapacitated or unconscious.
  • Alleviate stress and worry for your family, while you are away and should an emergency arise.
  • Help people with chronic illness or complex health problems to get away without undue concern that they’ve forgotten to bring important information. And that they will be well taken care of in the event of a situation arising where they need to see a new Health Care Provider.

Access your own health information online or over the telephone - anytime, anywhere - be prepared for any situation that arises, while you’re travelling! Sign up, now.

Bob and Lorraine are about to retire. They want to enjoy their retirement for a long time and they plan to travel around Australia.

Because Bob has a history of cardiac conditions and also suffers from Type 2 Diabetes he and Lorraine want the peace of mind that his health and treatment history will continue to be up to date and available so he can provide it to any health care practitioner he needs to consult while he is travelling.

Both Lorraine and Bob, after registering for Your Health Highway, are now relieved and looking forward to their travels. They won’t need to remember or take referrals or extra prescriptions to manage their medications. And their family are also more comfortable, that in the event of a health emergency, both Bob and Lorraine will get the best possible treatment.

And it’s not always people that are older that need to be concerned and prepared for a health situation occurring while travelling. You can be at risk at any age, whether you’re fit and healthy or not...

Laura has just finished Uni and is about to leave on a 12 month working holiday in Asia and Europe. She is fit and healthy and has no health concerns.

Because Laura is adventurous and is planning to do things she doesn’t normally do, her parents are worried, that she won’t get the best care, should anything unforeseen happen health wise while she is travelling.

To put her parents at ease and to make sure she stays safer in her travels, Laura subscribed to Your Health Highway.

Her and her parents now have the assurance that her Personal Health Profile is available to any health care provider should the information be needed while she is away.

Your Health Highway provides her with the added safety and protection by having her Personal Health Profile available 24/7.

Be prepared and know you’ll get the best care possible should a health issue or emergency arise while you’re travelling, register here now.

Chronic Disease Sufferers and people with complex health conditions

Don’t be held back from doing all the things you want, while living with serious health conditions, because of fear that you won’t be properly taken care of if you are unable to attend your usual Doctor or Health Care Provider.

Your Health Highway puts your mind at rest, and supports you in doing things you never considered possible (like travelling, adventurous activities etc). By having a comprehensive health and treatment history you and your family can rest easy, knowing you will be well taken care of should complications arise while not in your usual environment.

Your Health Highway WILL help you...

  • Avoid the need for lengthy appointments and reduce the risk of important information that may be missed, when consulting new Health Care Providers.
  • Reduce the amount of effort required to maintain and track your health history.
  • Provide a simple solution to enable all Health Care Providers accurate and detailed access to your full health history.
  • Enable better care and management of your situation, saving you time and helping you experience more of what you want in life.
  • Keep you and your family better informed on your situation and treatment.
  • Mean you have all the facts available, at your finger tips, whenever you need them.
  • Ensure, in the event of an emergency, that accurate, detailed information will be available and take the pressure off your family.

No more worries, because you’ll have at your fingertips a full detailed record of your health history and treatment, register here now.

Mary is 29 and has suffered chronic asthma since she was a child. While it is now rare that she is hospitalised for this condition, the potential of a life threatening attack arising, has held her back from travelling overseas and participating in some physical activities.

Two of her friends are planning to head to a resort overseas to celebrate their 30th birthdays and would like Mary to join them. Mary is very apprehensive about saying yes, because she’s never been away before with people that aren’t very familiar with her condition.

Mary’s family are also worried that the change in environment and different activities may cause an attack which could be fatal if Mary can’t get the right treatment quickly.

After finding out about Your Health Highway, Mary, her family and her Doctor were all reassured that in the event of an attack where she needed medical treatment - or for any other health issue or emergency for that matter - her health history could be easily accessed without delay, at anytime so she could be well looked after.

Keep the fears at bay and take the stress out of managing information for you or a family member’s complex health issues or chronic illness, subscribe now.


We’re all looking for an easy way to manage our records and health history as we age.

As the amount of information, the complexities of your health situation and the frequency of visits to health practitioners increases as you get older, it becomes overwhelming. More and more pressure is placed on you to keep track, remember and accurately recall complex terminology, complicated treatments and unfamiliar information, which can be downright frustrating and stressful.

Your Health Highway is a simple no stress, frustration free way to help you - and the people that support you - explain your health problems and history, regardless of how complex, to any Health Care Provider.

No more worrying that you’ll miss something important - especially when you’re not feeling 100%. And no more concerns around how your loved ones will cope in the event you become incapacitated or unable to provide full details yourself.

Your Health Highway WILL...

  • Provide you with absolute certainty that your family will have your records at their finger tips in the event of a medical emergency, you’re incapacitated or unable to provide the details yourself.
  • Give you reassurance and help you avoid the stress that arises when you see a new Health Care Provider. You will not have to go through a lengthy conversation or worry you’ve missed out any important details because you can authorise them to have access to your complete health history.
  • Ensure you receive a faster, more complete and better treatment, even if you’re seeing someone for the first time.
  • Give you the peace of mind that the Health Care Provider treating you has all your health information at hand, so they can provide the best care possible.

Give you peace of mind that the people you care about will not be put through undue stress, should you lose your independence or become incapacitated. Register here, now.

Suzette and husband Bill, have recently had Suzette’s elderly Mother, Elsie move in with them.

While Elsie is still relatively mobile and able to manage her own affairs, her health has started to decline.

She has high blood pressure, a heart condition and is taking numerous medications. She has recently become frailer and less stable on her feet and has had a number of knocks and falls that have required medical attention.

Having not managed Elsie’s health previously, Suzette has had the increasingly difficult task of supporting her through consultations and appointments, with several Health Care Providers, without detailed medical and health records.

The Staff at Your Health Highway were able to assist Elsie in collating her health records and history. This has saved time and taken significant pressure off of both Elsie and Suzette with the numerous appointments she’s had.

Be prepared and know the best possible care will be received if a health issue or emergency arises, register here now.


Do you have access to a complete, detailed health history for the people in your care, if they suddenly required medical attention or were incapacitated and unable to share their health history?

One of the key frustrations Doctor’s face is not having adequate, complete and detailed information to efficiently and accurately diagnose and treat patients. As a Carer you might be the only person that can prevent harm coming to someone in your care.

Your Health Highway is an easy way for carers to help manage the health information of the people in their care. With the patient’s permission, they can allow Health Care Providers access to detailed health history and treatment information securely stored, with Your Health Highway.

Your Health Highway WILL...

  • Make caring for the elderly, your parents, disabled dependants and loved ones easier and less stressful.
  • Keep you prepared and ready in the event a health emergency occurs with someone while they’re in your care.
  • Give you peace of mind, that you have the right information at your finger tips, if you are required to provide it.
  • Reduce the pressure on you to keep track of the health, treatment plan and medication history of the people in your care.
  • Make it easy for you keep up to date on health progress and problems while the person is outside of your care.

This simple affordable solution keeps the people in your care, as safe as possible, whether you’re with them or not, register here now.

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