About Us.

Your Health Highway was first conceived over ten years ago by Consultant Physician and Cardiologist Dr Tony Mylius BMBS FRACP FCSANZ, when he began developing a concept for the provision of a patient-centred and patient-controlled but medically supervised health care safety service.

Being in the Health Care System Dr Mylius learned first-hand the difficulties, frustrations and pressures created when insufficient information is available and the potential for harm to his patients that could be prevented if comprehensive health care details were available.

He has long been passionate about achieving the best possible health outcomes and is proactive in improving the quality of communication in the Health Care System.

“I am distressed whenever I see a patient who has either been harmed in the health system, or has not received what they should have from their health care.”

As a Cardiologist and Consultant Physician he discovered that what patients most lack is secure control and access to their own personal health records.

“The person who needs to benefit from the health system is the least able to do so - the patient. Personal health information accessible to the patient and Health Care Provider, at the time of care, helps patients gain that benefit.”

Your Health Highway has evolved to make personally controlled, yet medically managed, eHealth records accessible anywhere and anytime to any person in a safe, secure way, and to enable sharing of the record with any Health Care Providers or other parties they choose.

“Many patients carry their own paper bundle of health records or share their information on a USB drive. Your Health Highway organises that information, medically collates it so that it is readily usable by Health Care Providers and makes the information accessible to, and controlled by the patient.”

Your Health Highway is centred on the patient and contributes a safer, better informed experience in the Health System for Health Care Provider and patient alike.

Dr Mylius believes there is a need to provide improved patient security, assistance and advocacy for patients in the health care system.

Dr Mylius’s patients have experienced his passion for delivering maximum health outcomes in a supportive environment. Wanting to deliver those same elements of trust, security, monitoring and guidance, he sought to develop a service which provided those critically important elements of care and empowerment for patients in the health care system.

Your Health Highway is that service. We invite you to join and obtain the benefits of health care safety and health care optimisation for you and your loved ones.

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